Facility Installation Including Commissioning


Anlagenmontage inklusive Inbetriebnahme

The 3D final design planning programs in use since 2003 and our robot installations allow us to realize supply systems modules requiring a minimum of space either in standard container or non-standard dimensions. We configure and optimize these modules so that they provide optimum performance for their respective supply tasks. The advantages are obvious:

  • Construction time optimization by flexible step-by-step realization during preliminary building works
  • Minimizing investment costs
  • Guaranteeing highest quality standards
  • Simplifying coordination efforts in complex building projects, and
  • Minimizing risks in complying with rules for accident avoidance

To increase quality even further and to monitor schedule processes we are planning to implement an ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning / Production Planning) custom-build to our production this year.

Facility Installation Facility Installation Facility Installation