Fabrication and Production


Power Plant Components (new)

  • Modern fabrication technology with automatic and redundant quality control
  • Automated quality assurance procedures
  • 3 autarkic robot systems to cut and weld (TIG/MAG) pipes of all steel qualities from DN65 to DN1200 up to 12m in length with a wall thickness up to 60mm
  • State-of-the-art sensor technology monitors welding process quality using the following three physically independent systems:
    • 3D camera measuring the welded joint
    • Amperage, voltage, wire feed and gas flow rate monitored at 100 Hz range
    • Welding result additionally monitored by a thermal camera
  • Preparation for hot wire welding

Production Line (new)

  • Machining of pipes from DN 20 to DN 150 on a new production line
    • After automatic measuring, pipes are cut into required lengths by a circular saw with controlled feed and speed
    • A new type of circular milling cutter is creating burr-free intersections in a 2nd operation
    • A mobile robot cell welds nozzles
  • Automatic cutting, drilling and milling system with an accuracy of one tenth of a mm
  • Automatic mechanical marking of pipe components