Final Design for Efficient Energy Supply Systems

Over the past years, decentralized energy supply systems significantly contributed to the rapid growth of KET. These systems are fueled either with biogas produced from plants or animals, ethanol from plant-based production, or with natural gas or different combinations of these. Combining different sources of energy enables additional and accelerated amortization of the respective investment.

Another significant advantage of such modern energy supply concepts is that energy can be produced on demand and in the required quantity.

Transmission losses are very low for the facility is installed in close proximity to wherever the energy is needed. This is further due to the fact that decentralized energy supply systems have a higher efficiency in comparison to conventional systems.

The newest generation of biogas plants may also use "poor gas" or "low caloric gas" as a source of energy.

In addition, such plant complexes are capable of producing different kinds of energy such as electric, steam, heat and cold. This further accelerates amortization and is significantly more environmentally friendly.