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§ 1 Content of online offering

KET Kirpal Energietechnik GmbH Anlagenbau & Co.KG does not assume any liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims made against the author which relate to material or immaterial damages caused by the usage or non-usage of the featured information or through the use of incorrect and incomplete information are principally excluded unless it can be demonstrated that the author acted willfully or was grossly negligent.

All offers are subject to change and non-binding. KET Kirpal Energietechnik GmbH Anlagenbau & Co.KG expressly reserves the right to modify, add or remove part or all contents of this website temporarily or permanently without a special notice.

KET Kirpal Energietechnik GmbH Anlagenbau & Co.KG does not assume liability for the correctness of the content on these pages and their conformity with legal provisions outside the Federal Republic of Germany.
§ 2 References and links
With regard to all links placed on our homepage and with regard to any and all content displayed on these pages, the following shall apply: We explicitly emphasize that we do not have any influence on the design and the content of linked pages. Therefore, we hereby expressly disassociate ourselves from all content of all pages linked to our homepage and do not appropriate their contents and do not assume any liability for their correctness. The included information may be altered without prior announcement. Hereby, we do not enter into any kind of commitment. Liability for illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and in particular for any damages resulting from the use or non-use of such offered information is solely with the provider of the page to which reference was made.
§ 3 Copyright and right of labeling

The author is anxious to consider in all publications copyrights of the used diagrams, tone documents, video sequences and texts and to use diagrams, tone documents, video sequences and texts made by himself or to refer to license-free diagrams, tone documents, video sequences and texts.

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§ 4 Legal effect of this disclaimer
This disclaimer must be considered a constituent part of the website from which a link leads to this website.
If parts or single formulations of this text do not, not any longer, or not fully correspond to the legal situation, all the other parts of the document are intact in content and validity. Should sections or individual wording of this text not, no longer, or not fully comply with the applicable legal situation, the content and validity of the remaining sections of the document shall remain unaffected thereby.